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Tom Barrie

Why CUSU should not end TCS’s print edition

It’s not every day that an Oxford student newspaper will defend a rival, let alone one written by our upstart cousins from that small,...

Rewind: William Carlos Williams

Tom Barrie reflects on the rebellious brevity of William Carlos Williams’ poetry

The Blues Brothers: Lacrosse Varsity

What's the mood like at home when there's a brother on either side at Varsity lacrosse?

Review: Kanye West — The Life of Pablo

Tom Barrie doesn't fall for Kanye's latest Tidal wave of ego

Why you should watch the Super Bowl

As a man who knows little about American football, Tom Barrie explains why he still tunes in once a year for the big show

Culture Corner: Kafka on the Shore

Tom Barrie tenuously talks about cats whilst discussing Haruki Murakami

Wall Street Revisited

Tom Barrie feels more left-wing after watching 'The Big Short'

Rewind: Newton Faulkner

Tom Barrie rewinds to the birth of an artist as sickly sweet as his heritage

Profile: Akala

Tom Barrie discusses racism, activism and lyricism with the hip-hop artist and scholar

Profile: Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon talks character progression, storytelling and pop culture

Drake’s ghostwriter: does it really matter?

Doubt over the authorship of Drake's lyrics are a small price to pay for more material from the artist, writes Tom Barrie

No confidence in former OUSU RO

Former Returning Officer Alex Walker no conned by OUSU for alleged involvement in rigged election

Diary of a…Student Journalist

Cherwell peers into the weekly lives of Oxford's most famous characters

OxStew: Princess Charlotte interested in Wadham degree

“I intend to use all means within my power to smash capitalism, just as soon as I can walk”