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    Thomas Bristow

    In search of lost lives – The phenomenon of ‘Dark Tourism’  

    'Upon entering the House of Terror, I was immediately struck by a great sense of unease. The idea of ‘Dark Tourism’ was not something that had occurred to me until over a year ago, on that overcast day in Budapest.'

    The joy of Spotify’s Discover Weekly

    Thomas Bristow talks through the beauty of Spotify's Discover Weekly interface, and how it has changed his music tastes.

    Nocturne Productions: A new take on filmmaking in Oxford with “Breakwater”

    ‘Breakwater’ is an upcoming feature-length film, produced by Oxford-based Nocturne Productions, and the first film by Oxford University students since Privileged in 1982. The...

    Breakwater : Oxford’s first student feature-film in forty years

    "Recently, our primary filming location burnt down"

    Cecil Jackson-Cole: The first Philanthrocapitalist

    For his latest column Thomas Bristow tells the story of the Oxonian who founded Oxfam. Image Description: Oxfam on Broad Street As far as charity shops...

    Preserved in blue and white: Sarah Cooper

    "The idea of writing a column about a breakfast condiment may seem fanciful, but this particular marmalade does have a genuine place in British culture."

    Names preserved in blue and white: Anthony Wood

    "It’s a shame Wood didn’t have SOLO to use, but as we all know from last minute searches, the college library doesn’t have everything."