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Taya Neilson

The artist and the photographer: An analysis of Francis Goodman’s Film negatives

An unusual dynamic is consequently captured between the photographer and artist in the photograph of Lucian Freud.

Frank Auerbach’s Charcoal Portraits review: Self-Portrait of a Stranger

The Griffin Catalyst Exhibition, The Charcoal Heads, shows the early career of Frank Auerbach and the creation of his portraits in the 1950s and...

A Press Morning at Yoko Ono’s ‘MUSIC OF THE MIND’ Exhibition

"The gallery space itself did not provide an atmosphere of silence, but rather upon observation, isolated moments of contemplation and quietness were evident amongst the bustling scene in the room."

Nuclear Bombs and Feminism: Monica Sjöö’s Exhibition at Modern Art Oxford

"Based on the Modern Art Oxford posters, Monica Sjöö’s activism appeared to be a driving force for social change."