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Tara Mewawalla

Lockdown Eats: Shakshouka, five ways

Shakshouka is the ultimate comfort food. It is indulgent, filling and satisfying all in one! It is uncertain where the dish originated; some food historians argue it...

Activism and Luxury Fashion in Hong Kong

Louis Vuitton is the most recent in a string of luxury fashion brands to close down branches in Hong Kong. The store in question was located...

Tis the Season to be Sustainable

Tara Mewawalla provides some tips on how to have a 'Green Christmas' this year.

Sustainable Summer: the best eco-friendly swimwear

As summer rolls around and the days get (mildly) sunnier, it’s easy to get sucked back into the culture of buying a whole new...

Sexualisation in music: liberation or objectification?

Art and creative expression have always made up our social and sensitive nature, from telling stories, to performing primal dances, to painting scenes of human experience on cave walls.