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    Stephen Hawes

    ‘Despot’s Got Talent’: Semi-final round-up

    Stephen Hawes gives his take on the controversial latest round of the new and popular talent format

    Theresa May to lock Britain in a small and dark cupboard

    Stephen Hawes reports on one of the darkest speeches in Britain’s history

    Farage appointed to key rolls in the Foreign Office

    Breaking: Stephen Hawes reports on the groundbreaking popular face the government is using to rebrand the country

    Cuts to local authorities force two Oxford homeless shelters to close

    Crisis Skylight and other charities fear that they will be placed under even greater strain

    Cheap nights-out app to launch in Oxford

    The Dealer was designed by and for Oxford students to help find the best discounts

    Sir Tim Berners-Lee to join Oxford computer science department

    Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, is joining Christ Church as a computer science professor, the University announced Thursday

    Artisan vodka distillery to open near South Park

    It will use pre-1940s distillation methods and sell in local farmers' markets

    UK universities to be ranked ‘gold,’ ‘silver’ or ‘bronze’

    The new rankings, introduced next year, will be made available to prospective students

    University pioneers robotic eye surgery

    The sight-saving procedure was carried out by a University professor at John Radcliffe Hospital

    Owen Smith pledges to abolish tuition fees

    Labour leadership candidate plans to replace tuition fees with graduate tax of 1-2%, as Theresa May looks to reduce UK's number of international students

    Oxford scientist raises money for Alzheimer’s research

    Dr Francesca Nicholls will take part in a 100km walk to Lindisfarne for Alzheimer's Research UK

    Oxford comes seventh in world university rankings

    Oxford and Cambridge, placed fourth, are the only British universities in top ten of Shanghai Ratings

    Crayfish damage Magdalen College wall

    American crayfish burrowing into a wall on the bank of the River Cherwell have caused its partial collapse

    OUSU backs criticism of higher education reform

    Senior OUSU officers among signatories to Guardian letter criticising proposed Teaching Excellence Framework