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Scarlett Colquitt

A Green Wave of Change: Why Argentina’s landmark abortion law will leave a lasting legacy in South America

"Argentina is a country where the Catholic Church has historically held sway, and it forms part of a continent where swathes of women and young girls are ostracised, shunned and even imprisoned for wanting to end their pregnancy."

Seen and not heard: the film industry’s troubled relationship with female directors

Scarlett Colquitt responds to the claim that "women directed films have a softer tone" with an examination of role of female directors in today's film industry.

Reinvention: rethinking gender and race on stage

"Marginalised actors should not just be shoehorned into pre-existing plays without any respect or provision for the stories they have to tell. To do so is to package diversity into commercially successful morsels that are digestible for largely white, middle-class audiences."

Mercury Prize 2020: an apt event for a tumultuous year

It goes without saying that the music industry has faced more than its fair share of hardship this year. With gigs cancelled, arena tours...