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    Sam Dalrymple

    The insidious power of borrowing

    Cultural synthesis has historically been a tool of colonial oppressors

    WATCH: Malala Yousafzai wins charity slap bet

    The Nobel Peace Prize winner claimed her slap was "like a rose petal touching [the Charities Rep's] face"

    Travel writing remains unrivalled

    The art form which continues to provide the greatest insight into other cultures

    The film at the centre of India’s free speech debate

    The future of Bollywood rests on the response to controversial film Padmaavat

    The Scythians British Museum review – ‘a vivid and intriguing exhibition’

    A vivid depiction of an ancient culture excites at the British Museum

    The shameful truth about Churchill

    Despite Winston Churchill's major role in one of the greatest famines in the history of mankind he is still unduly lauded by the British people

    An improbable journey to the East

    Sam Dalrymple reflects on mundanity and self-discovery in Bouvier’s The Way of the World

    How traditional craftsmanship meets modern aesthetics on Pakistani trucks

    Sam Dalrymple reports on the phenomenon of truck art that is spreading across Pakistan