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    Simon Hunt

    OULC pulls out of Three Party Debate

    "We are surprised and disturbed that the Labour Club do not wish to defend Jeremy Corbyn who they are actively campaigning to be Prime Minister," the OULD said.

    A conference to remember

    Highlights from the 2019 Labour Conference in Brighton

    Interview: Jacqui Smith

    The Chair of the Jo Cox Foundation and former Home Secretary discusses the abuse facing politicians today

    Damian Collins: emergency legislation needed for a snap general election

    Calls for reform to rules on election campaigning have been made following the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal in 2018.

    Interview: Humza Yousaf MSP

    The Scottish Justice Secretary discusses second referendums, social media and supporting Corbyn

    Quarry quarrel: Villagers protest John’s construction plans

    “Negative health effects on residents”, “blight on property prices” and “proximity to listed buildings” are among the numerous concerns that have been expressed by members of the Barton Residents Association.

    Government review calls for tuition fees to be cut to £7,500

    The review calls upon the government to reduce the annual university tuition fee from £9,250 to £7,500, as well as to reduce the level interest rate on student loans from 6.3% to 1.5%.

    Income is the access elephant in the room

    It will soon be time for Oxford to release its annual undergraduate admissions statistics. With all the big initiatives that Oxford has been...

    Lady Margaret Hall JCR plans ambitious constitutional reforms

    The proposed reforms will go to a vote of members on Sunday

    Wealthy students escape the turmoil of spiralling student debt

    A report by UK think-tank The Intergenerational Foundation has found that the current student loans system in England disproportionately impacts students from low-income backgrounds. The...

    Andrew Adonis proposes college for underrepresented students

    Lord Andrew Adonis has called for the creation of new undergraduate colleges at Oxford and Cambridge as a means to improving “access with excellence”...