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Rochelle Moss

Citizen scientists study polar bears with Oxford researchers

Rhere are currently 1358 volunteers supporting the research. The Arctic Bears project asks these volunteers to study batches of photos alongside a field guide. The volunteers provide the researchers with information on the number of bears or cubs, their genders, and multiple other factors.

A Return to the Roaring Twenties

Some modern writers however are predicting that the pandemic will have changed our attitudes towards intimacy forever. Some have even gone so far as to declare the death of the handshake and the hug. However the 1920s is not just renowned for a cultural revolution but also a sexual one.

Confessions of a productivity addict

I no longer feel like I’m wasting my time not learning French or baking more banana bread and I’ve accepted the beauty of organised fun.

Oxford’s Independent Clothes Shops

Independent retailers offer a great alternative which can be more sustainable, exciting and supportive of our local communities.