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Raghav Chari

Summer Eights 2024: Oriel, Christ Church stay on top

Eights Week is part of the 200-year old Oxford tradition of ‘bumps’ racing.

Hassan’s final: St Catz defeat New College 7-0

The second half, which Catz had so completely dominated, saw them saunter to victory assuredly. 

Was India Bazball’s graveyard or its baptism by fire?

This series has been Bazball’s baptism as a mature, seasoned cricketing philosophy. They lost: now, they will learn.

#oxfess29033: Who runs Oxfess?!

Big Oxfess has total control over the platform; they shape the content of our thoughts with their subliminal propaganda. 

A Goodbye to Australia’s Golden Generation

"For this second golden generation 2023 has been a year that they can look back fondly upon as a satisfying capstone achievement."

The rituals of our farcical politics

...we wonder, why is there no decency left in politics anymore?