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Patrick Mulholland

Profile: Sara Khan

Patrick Mulholland talks empowerment and empathy with Muslim women's activist Sara Khan

Unheard Oxford: Richard Dean, porter at Trinity

Another view on the dreaming spires. In our first edition, Patrick Mulholland speaks with Richard Dean, a porter who has spent six years working at Trinity College.

Review: Table for None

Patrick Mulholland sends his compliments to the chef.

Legends of the Screen: Sidney Poitier

Patrick Oisin Mulholland recalls the cinematic contributions of one of Hollywood's finest and most beloved stars.

Debate: are we in Oxford University’s golden age?

Patrick Mulholland and Philip Pope discuss the current state of our University

How can we change the tax credits system?

Patrick Mulholland evaluates the changes to the working tax credits system recently rejected by the House of Lords

Interview: Eric Cantor

Patrick Mulholland talks politics with the American politician, lawyer and businessman

Let’s be positive about Pride

Patrick Oisin Mulholland considers the future of the Pride Movement in light of recent events

Debate: Is it fair that Oxbridge has multiple teams on

Patrick Oisin Mulholland and Sara Semic debate whether Oxbridge should be allowed multiple teams on university challenge

Mindfulness vindicated

Oxford study finds mindfulness could rival antidepressants