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    Maxim Mower

    Album Review: Ruthie Collins’ ‘Cold Comfort’

    Maxim Mower finds much to praise in a maturely sombre new country music star

    In conversation: Chase Rice

    US Country singer-songwriter Chase Rice has gone Platinum multiple times, co-written a Diamond-certified hit, and last year reached No. 1 with his single...

    Review: Dustin Lynch’s Tullahoma

    After an initial scan through the track-list for Tennessee-born country artist Dustin Lynch’s Tullahoma, you could be forgiven for presuming this is going...

    Fry ‘held audience in the palm of his hand’ in Mythos performance

    Fry has enough charisma and charm to match any of the Olympian characters in his tales, but could he hold the audience’s attention for such a mythological marathon as this?

    War Horse – Coloured by Love and Hate

    Morpurgo intended the tale to be one of ‘reunion and reconciliation’, but Nick Stafford and the National Theatre have transformed it into an ‘anthem for peace’.

    Review: Kinky Boots – ‘a poignant message amongst the glitter and glamour’

    This touring production of Cyndi Lauper's celebratory musical seems a fitting show for LGBT History Month

    Dirty Dancing Review – ‘gives fans exactly what they want’

    Maxim Mower enjoys a touring production of Dirty Dancing at the New Theatre, which he says will satisfy lovers of the 1987 movie.

    The Band Review – ‘heartwarming and nostalgic fun’

    The new Take That inspired musical a great testament to the great British boyband.

    Post Malone Review – ‘Sticking to the Script’

    Little has changed in the rapper/singer's latest album

    Playlist: Childhood

    A youthful and vibrant playlist on the topic of childhood

    Playlist: Hottest Tracks of the Month

    These are the songs that have lit up March, making us ready to spring into Easter.

    Gyaldem Sugar Review – ‘the night shined but failed to sparkle’

    The much anticipated ACS Gyaldem Sugar night fails to land due to a frustrating pace and lack of women artists

    Is it possible to release too much music?

    Maxim Mower discusses the current trend of constant releases in Hip-Hop