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Max Long

Walking the Old Ways with Robert MacFarlane

Max Long discusses landscape, people and place with Robert MacFarlane, author of The Old Ways

NUS Referendum declared void

A Junior tribunal has declared the referendum invalid after evidence of foul play was revealed over the weekend

Country Diary: Shotover

'Places are not the same by night. They are transformed. Shapes and forms take on different sizes, colours and shades. Perspective becomes blurred, sounds sharper'

Country Diary: The Water Meadow

“Under no circumstances should any students enter the Deer park. We will treat this extremely seriously”

Country Diary: Wytham Woods

'In such a forest there is of course much more than visual pleasure; there’s the sound of wind bending and creaking age-old timber, or the whiff of damp leaves, the smell of air, damp, imbued with life.'

Country Diary: Port Meadow

'Port Meadow is steeped in myth; it’s the unploughed landscape, the land earned from resisting the Danes, a sacred spot where the Freemen graze their cattle'

Yes please

Max Long argues in favour of staying affiliated with the National Union of Students in the upcoming referendum

Union Librarian Resigns

Kostas Chryssanthopoulos offered his resignation this evening after storming out of Thursday's debate in protest against the Union President Ben Sullivan

Union Librarian walks out of debate

Turmoil engulfs the Oxford Union Society as the Librarian Kostas Chryssanthopoulos speaks out against the President

Queen of Spain visits Oxford

Queen Sofia attends a Colloquium and a formal meal at Exeter College

Union take back decision to cover President’s legal fees

Standing Committee vote to withdraw a motion to pay for Ben Sullivan's £1,200 legal expenses amidst concerns over Union Rules

The 160th Varsity Boat Race: Live Blog

Follow our live blog for all the latest information of this year's race. Tweet or email us to be featured on the blog!

We must reassess our approach to international students

Spanish student Max Long discusses international students, the fees they pay and the cultural aspect of their time at Oxford

Cherwell investigates: Oxford’s international students

Are international students at Oxford treated fairly? Should the university provide more support?