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Mattie O'Donovan

The Farewell Review

Seemingly all of us either have or yearn for an affectionate but caustically witty grandmother such as Nai Nai (Zhao Shuzhen), the endearing matriarch...

Interview: Richard Herring

The comedian on his podcast, his time in Oxford and living in Boris Johnson's armpit

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Review

Jim Henson was a master of entertainment: I’ll hear nothing to the contrary. The Muppets were a genuine delight and, no matter how much Oxford has...

“All My Loving”- a love letter to the Beatles’ uncompromising “A Hard Day’s Night”

John, Paul, George and Ringo, chased through the oft-mistook Marylebone station, boyishly attempting to evade a hoard of adoring young fans. It is an iconic scene...

Apollo 11 (2019)- An Interview with archival producer Stephen Slater

Mattie O'Donovan speaks with Stephen Slater, the chief archival producer for Apollo 11, a new, critically lauded documentary on the first moon landing.

Inheriting ‘The Big Score’

Examining the appeal of the classic heist film

Daydreamers: Fantasy in the Face of Stasis

There’s a scene in one of my favourite films, High Fidelity (2000), in which John Cusack’s Rob plays out a number of angry reactions in his head...