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Maggie Wilcox

Room for Improvement: Oxford’s craziest college accommodation

The average Oxford student living in college will be allocated a basic, yet comfortable room. Yes, the room ballots are hectic and the living,...

Cost of living crisis felt in Oxford as Hertford opens JCR food bank

This initiative comes directly from the students, a testament to “the heart and community spirit of Hertford”, according to one student. However, this same student is frustrated that college and uni administration have not done more to address the cost of living crisis.

Regents’ Park announces death of beloved pet tortoise, Emmanuelle

She came to Regents forty six years ago and quickly became a fixture of college life. During that time, she won many victories for...

How to survive Freshers’ Week

"Given that you most likely fall ill by the end of this week, try to have a good time before everyone in college is going through a pack of Lemsip a day!"

Oxford tops Times’ university rankings for first time in twelve years

"Oxford scored high across the board. The student to staff ratio was the lowest in the UK (10.5 to 1) and the university also ranks among the best for graduate prospects."

Oriental Studies Faculty to change name

"The name change better reflects the faculty’s ‘diversity of academic activity’ "

Outcry over Law Foundation Year cancellation

Conflicting accounts from LMH and an applicant over the Law Foundation Year cancellation have led to public outcry. A Facebook post from Monday, June 6...

Lincoln College chapel vandalised

The Lincoln College chapel was vandalised in what the college chaplain has called an act of “abuse and damage”.  A group of individuals, whose identities...

Prince Charles talks to University College students about access

During his recent visit to Oxford, Prince Charles spoke with a group of 12 ‘under-represented’ students to hear about their experiences and challenges. The...

Oxford University introduces Foundation Year for disadvantaged students

In a press release last Wednesday, May 4th, the university announced the creation of the Astrophoria Foundation Year. This one-year course of study will...

Two Oxford undergraduates run in upcoming council elections

"Personal experience as well as general disappointment with the political status quo have motivated the candidates to run."

Oxford professor named Hungarian opposition presidential candidate

A Blackfriars Hall fellow, Professor Peter Róna, has accepted the nomination to run as the Hungarian united opposition’s presidential candidate. 

The question of protest in a post-pandemic world

"After months, years now of isolation, our pent-up anger has found a way to spill over."

SU stages demonstration against Nationality and Borders Bill

The Oxford SU organised a protest against the proposed Nationality and Borders Bill this past Sunday.