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    Maggie Wilcox

    Over 100 academics sign letter in support of trans students

    Over 100 Oxford based staff members have signed a letter supporting trans rights in solidarity with the Oxford LGBTQ+ society’s campaign against Kathleen Stock....

    Review of Christ Church governance recommends major reforms

    Following the completion of an independent review, Dominic Grieve KC has issued a report to Christ Church’s Governing Body which includes recommendations to separate governance of the college and the cathedral. For the first time in the college’s nearly 500-year history, the Review suggests that the Head of House does not need to be a member of the clergy.

    Graduate scholarship for lower caste Indian students launched

    The Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development (OICSD) at Somerville College is launching a new scholarship for Indian students from lower caste backgrounds and/or first-generation students. This is the UK’s first fully-funded graduate scholarship geared towards Indian students from these underrepresented backgrounds.

    The Times apologises to Magdalen President for “incorrect” reporting

    Dinah Rose KC received an apology in an open court and damage payments from The Times. In November 2022, the paper erroneously suggested that the Magdalen president had been "ruled against for recklessness by the Bar Standards Board".

    Exclusive: Oxford Union termcard TT23 highlights

    Ambassador John Bolton, European politician Michel Barnier and adult star turned media personality Mia Khalifa are amongst the big names who will come speak...

    Funding woes: Next year’s maintenance loan worth less

    A new report from the Department of Education estimates that the 2023-24 maintenance loan increase will not be enough to restore students' purchasing power. The...

    BREAKING: No confidence vote proposed against Union president Charlie Mackintosh

    Three members of the Oxford Union have brought a no-confidence motion against President Charlie Mackintosh, and a vote will be triggered if the required...

    Hundreds march through Oxford in traffic protest turned ‘anti-globalist’ demo

    Hundreds of protesters took to the streets in Oxford this Saturday. Most came to take part in an anti-low traffic neighbourhood demonstration, protesting proposed traffic...

    These pets are the cats’ meow: Cherwell Pet Show 2023

    The pets of Oxford colleges do so much for their stressed students. A friendly tail wag, a lively game of fetch between tutes or...

    Oxford issues warnings over gonorrhoea outbreak

    Several colleges have issued warnings that gonorrhoea cases are increasing amongst 18-25 year-olds in Oxford, and are urging students to carry condoms if meeting...

    A kick in the balls: College balls less affordable as access prices increase

    Access tickets are amounting to less of a discount when compared to the price of a standard ticket

    Union votes against “sacramental sodomy” speaker in controversial gay marriage debate

    The Oxford Union debated the question of gay marriage in the Church this Thursday, with Anglican bishops, Christian theologians, and students taking part. In...

    The city of shrinking spires

    When it comes to housing affordability, Oxford is well-behind its world-class peers. Researchers and academics at the University of Oxford are faced with some...

    Oxford Vice Chancellor receives Damehood for services to education

    Dame Richardson received the honour of a Damehood from King Charles at Windsor Castle on Wednesday