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    Kylie MacFarquharson

    Vaccine inequality: Disparity in the distribution of the Oxford-AZ vaccine around the world

    The United Kingdom is now giving its citizens their third dose of the vaccine despite almost 40% of the global population remaining unvaccinated

    On the right to privacy

    When I was asked to write this piece I initially refused. I refused because now, five years since my first Gender Identity Clinic (GIC)...

    Updated trans athlete guidance: Unnuanced and exclusionary

    My views here may be shaded by the fact that sailing events are generally mixed-gender, and women regularly out-compete men, especially at the university level. The SCEG suggests that trans women should be excluded from any sport they legally can be, by assuming that they hold some unfair physical advantage. The policy is overbroad and lacks nuance. The guidance does make one point I do agree with, that a "one-size-fits-all" approach is folly, and the only people that can really make this judgment are specific sporting bodies themselves. It would be a mistake, in my view, to rob trans women of the incredible adventure of competitive sport because of an assumption of advantage. Women's sports are not overrun with trans women; in fact, trans athletes are underrepresented in sport at all levels.