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Katerina Lygaki

“I don’t read the news”

"The compulsive need to stay up to date with current affairs at the expense of my mental health (and personal hygiene) led me to reassess the way I inform myself."

“Bursts of love, hate, and everything in between”: A Review of ‘Love and Money’

"Everything was brilliantly executed, but this play is hard to watch, not only because of its subject-matter but also because of the way it unfolds."

Review: The Ashmolean Rooftop Restaurant

Cherwell had the privilege of enjoying a lunch at this conservatory-esque restaurant a few weeks ago.

Feta, tzatziki, and olive oil: the delights of Greek cuisine

"Ignore all the food trucks in Oxford because souvlaki is the perfect drunk food."

‘Women You Know’: Review

"I laughed, I tried but failed to cry, and had an overall nice time spending my Wednesday evening listening to these two women."

Katerina’s Ultimate Ranking of Oxford sports

"This is the very official and very empirical ranking of college sport as per the expertise and excellence of the deputy editor for the Cherwell Sports section."

Navigating uni as an international student

"Starting university and moving to a new city can be daunting enough on its own, but when the transition from home to campus also involves changing countries, the entire process becomes all the more complicated."

Your Oxford A-Z

"O is for – Well. You know where you are. And if you don’t, I’m certainly not telling you – but are you quite sure you’re in the right place ?"

A guide to Oxford’s bookshops

"The number one rule for being a book-obsessed English student is having the inside scoop on the different bookshops in town."

Vessel: In conversation with Grace Olusola

TW: fatphobia, eating disorders, self-harm. Vessel, the new theatrical anthology from Dawn Productions, examines our relationship with the body and food through episodic fragments....

The joys of online cooking

Learning how to cook has been a great source of pride for me. But becoming a chef whose lentil ragu brings tears to people’s...