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Joel Nelson

Milestones: George Harrison after the Beatles

Joel Nelson tells us about George Harrison's post-Beatles escape

Loading the Canon: John Major: The Autobiography

Cherwell calls for new kids on the literary block

Why bother with celebrity artists?

Joel Nelson has a look at Sylvester Stallone’s artistic credentials

Loading the Canon: 12 Years a Slave

Cherwell calls for new additions to the literary establishment, 12 Years a Slave answers

Why iPads don’t belong in galleries

Joel Nelson discusses how digital cameras have changed the way we interact with exhibited art

Memories of 1966: How should we treat the legends?

With the World Cup now begun, Joel Nelson questions how the heroes of ‘66 are celebrated

Beyond amphetamine-fuelled parties and silk screen prints

Joel Nelson encounters a previously unseen side of Andy Warhol and his creative genius

Review: Martin Creed at the Hayward Gallery

Joel Nelson hates Martin Creed’s latest exhibition at the Hayward Gallery on the South Bank

Loading the Canon: John Lennon

Cherwell's weekly call for new additions to the literary establishment highlights Lennon's short stories and poems

Ballroom Cuppers: perhaps the most elegant Cuppers sport?

Joel Nelson takes a look at the upcoming ballroom dancing Cuppers tournament

Loading the Canon: Peanuts

Cherwell's weekly call for new additions to the literary establishment highlights Schulz's Peanuts comic strip

Cam better than Ox?

Cambridge found best UK university for more subjects than Oxford

Steamy burritos video cheeses off RAG members

Ten hour ‘Burrito Song’ link posted to RAG Facebook group contained pornographic clip three hours in

Students protest against Oxford investments

Campaigners call for divestment from fossil fuel companies in Radcliffe Square