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Jessica Cullen

World Cup Madness

FIFA recently announced the winners of the 2030 World Cup Bid, Morocco, Spain, Portugal..and Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. In a shock move, FIFA has set the tournament to be played in three continents, with six teams qualifying automatically.

Captains Corner: OUHC

This week Cherwell spoke to the current women’s Blues captain at OUHC, Megan Cottee, about her role as captain and her season so far.

Captain’s Corner: OUAFC

Cherwell spoke to the new Blues captains at OUAFC, Iona Bennett and Roza Bailey who co-captain the women, and Harry Way who captains the Men's team.

Captains Corner: OURFC

This week Cherwell spoke to the new women's Blues captain for rugby union in Oxford, Sophie Shams.

Oxford’s Rugby League Glory

"This Saturday saw the Women’s Rugby League Blues team defeat Cambridge in their second Varsity since reinstating the club in 2022."

London Marathon Round-up

Ultimately, the race ran smoothly with the abnormal sights being the ice creams, dinosaurs, dominoes garlic herb dip and rhino gracing the track, among many more.