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    Izzy Troth

    Shazia Mirza: ‘I don’t think about the audience anymore. I just go ahead and do it.’

    Acclaimed comedian Shazia Mirza talks Acorn Antiques, ‘snowflakes’ and teaching with Izzy Troth

    Hedda review – ‘stubbornly disturbing and nuanced’

    The most anticipated-show of Hilary term lands with both style and substance

    The Kite Runner review – ‘a choreographed exuberance prose cannot achieve’

    The Kite Runner is taken from page to stage in this masterful adaptation. Izzy Troth reviews.

    Fiddler On The Roof Review – ‘thoughtful and timely’

    Izzy Troth sits on the roof, not on the fence, about the Oxford Playhouse's latest show