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HT23 Week 7 Solutions

Solutions for the last batch of puzzles in Hilary term 2023. The puzzle team would like to apologise for 5 down, where the answer...

HT23 Week 5 Solutions

Here's the solution for the cryptic crossword for week 5.

HT23 Week 3 Solutions

The solutions for the week 3 issue of Cherwell in HT23.

HT23 Week 1 Solutions

The answers for the week 1 issue of Hilary term 2023:

HT23 Week 0 Solutions

Here are the solutions for puzzle section of the first issue of Hilary 2023.

Puzzles Answers TT22 Week 5

The answers to the week 5 edition of the Cherwell in TT22.

Puzzles Answers TT22 Week 1

The answers for the puzzles in TT22 Week 1's edition

Puzzles Answers: TT22 Week 0

Here are the answers for the week 0 edition of Trinity term 2022. Medium Sudoku: Hard Sudoku: Cryptic Crossword: Pencil Puzzle - Marupeke: The answer for the Cherdle...