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Georgie Cutmore

£2 cocktails and a side of guilt

"Getting excited about £2 cocktails and feeling the tangible benefits from foreign spending power came with layers of guilt as we watched many of our Argentine friends and acquaintances live the full consequences of the country’s financial struggles."

A Brit abroad: student reactions to Argentine assassination attempt

"The overwhelming tone on Thursday night was not one of grave solemnity nor political reflection, but of mockery and exasperation at yet another national crisis."

Lincoln’s Tortilla the Tortoise munches to victory at packed-out Corpus fair

Over £7000 was raised for the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal at Corpus Christi’s Tortoise Fair at the end of May. Running and munching their...

Oxford campus appears in Netflix’s Anatomy of a Scandal

Netflix’s Anatomy of a Scandal, which premiered on 15 April 2022, was partly filmed in Oxford.

LMH under fire for Ramadan Ball

Students have raised concerns over the Lady Margaret Hall ball being held in Ramadan, which has left some Muslim students feeling overlooked and excluded...

The political power of gender expression: Lessons from female dictators

"Current female MPs are expected to act as female politicians, not just as politicians. This pressure is incredibly unfair."