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Flora Symington

The Not So Secret History: Family dynamics

After the madness of the first half of term, these last few weeks have seen at least three of the household retreating back into...

The Not So Secret History: moments of clarity

Is ‘happy fifth week’ a contradiction in terms? Either way, I hope yours isn’t going too badly. We’ve reached the stage in term where...

The Not So Secret History – The Party

I’m beginning to think a fortnightly column simply isn’t enough to cover everything that goes on in this house of mine. To give you...

An Introduction to Oxford Drama

The drama scene at Oxford is vibrant and thriving - in fact, the Oxford University Dramatic Society (or OUDS as everyone calls it) is...

The Not So Secret History: Healthy Habits

As this is the first instalment of my column, it would be natural to give a little bit of background to what I’m going...

Toilet training: the unexpected troubles of living out

It started with a whining. A soft, barely discernible purring every time we flushed the toilet or turned the taps. “Character”, we called it....

Review: Thamesis

"Jones’ performance was a joy to watch, and under Aspden’s expert direction they have a highly successful show on their hands."

Othello: A New Era of Shakespeare

"This production has chosen to take a step away from this preoccupation with setting and allow the play to speak for itself."

Flora’s Fringe Guide

I went up to Fringe in the first week and saw as much as I possibly in order to recommend to you lot what’s worth seeing and what’s not, so please read on for my top recs!