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Cesca Echlin

Preview: A View from the Bridge – a fresh take on the Miller classic

Practically Peter Productions bring the Arthur Miller classic set in 1950s Brooklyn to the Pilch in Sixth Week.

REVIEW: The Ruling Class – ‘actualises an eccentric and absurdist sense of humour’

Stage Wrong Productions' The Ruling Class delivers an outrageous and satirical examination of English upper-class society

Fade to Black – a history of the theatrical blackout

The convention which now seems part-and-parcel of theatre wasn’t always there – indoor venues and developments in lighting provided new staging opportunities. But what is the theatrical blackout for?

Preview: You Are Frogs – ‘toes the line between playfulness and danger’

Practically Peter's production will be at the BT Studio until Saturday.

Preview: Many Moons – ‘the edges of a crowd’

Small Fry Theatre’s production of the Alice Birch play provides a tense snapshot between the worlds of the intimate and immense

Numbers Review – commendable but difficult to feel nuance

The play was particularly successful in its exploration of masculinity

Enron Preview – ‘financial collapse made tangible’

A preview of the Theatre Goose and Sour Peach Productions' play at the Oxford Playhouse this week.

‘Brink’ Preview – ‘an exploration into public vs. private spaces’

Alastair Curtis' new play explores how individuals forge connections with others in our modern, digitalised world

Mojo Preview – ‘gloriously worded script but male dominated’

Cesca Echlin finds this rendition of Jez Butterworth's play hits comic targets, but also reflects on its male-dominated narrative.

Drunk Enough to Say I Love You? Preview: ‘The political becomes personal’

Cesca Echlin previews Caryl Churchill's 2006 play, which she finds entices the human out of the political

Breaking down stigma, challenging genre, and facilitating conversation – the new musical, ‘Nice Guy’

A visit to the Oxfordshire charity 'Clean Slate' with the cast of new musical 'Nice Guy'

Interview: OUDS President Francesca Amewudah-Rivers

Cesca Echlin meets this year's OUDS President to discuss post-Medea hype, the need for increased representation in theatre, and what she wants to change about Oxford student drama.

Eat Your Heart Out review – ‘A nuanced and authentic exploration of a stigmatised subject matter’

Tightrope Productions' devised piece proves particularly heartfelt at the Edinburgh Fringe.

A Doll’s House Review – ‘the pace of the narrative was stunted’

A cohesive aesthetic experience, but a shortened script hampers character development