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Eva Bailey

‘Heartbreaking and beautiful’ – Review: Brain Freeze

"From the play’s beginning, this immensely talented cast of Oxford students captured my imagination, and I was swept up by the story they had to tell."

New College tortoise, ‘Tessa’, actually male

After an eventful trip to the vets, it was discovered by New College students that Tessa the tortoise is in fact male. Not only that, but he is anywhere up to 40 years older than the students initially thought. 

Oxford University to carry out treatment testing for long COVID

"Common long COVID symptoms include extreme tiredness, shortness of breath, 'brain fog' and muscle weakness. Research suggests that these symptoms could be caused by dysfunctional mitochondria."

Oxford4Nature to hold Alice in Wonderland themed Protest

The Alice in Wonderland theme has been chosen to represent the ‘madness' of not taking action. Each character draws attention to a different issue. Alice herself will symbolise the children whose futures are endangered by the climate crisis.

Reuben Foundation increases donations to new Reuben College

Since the establishment of the programme in 2012, it has provided financial support to hundreds of undergraduate students each year, with a further 132 scholars joining Oxbridge in Autumn 2021. The growth of this programme means that 400 Reuben scholars will be studying at Oxford by 2023-24; approximately 70 new scholars will be welcomed onto the programme each academic year.