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    Emmanuelle Soffe

    The full blankness of space

    Emmanuelle Soffe discusses the misconceptions of modern art galleries and the White Cube effect

    A Beginner’s Guide to… Halsey

    Emmanuelle Soffe examines the beautiful darkness of Halsey

    Christ Church rejects Fairtrade

    JCR motion set to support Fairtrade fails to pass

    Oxford Muslim leaders condemn Lahore attacks

    The leaders of Oxford's Muslim community respond to the Easter bombings in Pakistan

    Oxford professor wins Abel Prize for Fermat’s Last Theorem

    Mathematics fellow Sir Andrew Wiles wins Abel Prize after solving 300-year-old mystery

    Mondrian, the Abstract and Fashion

    Emmanuelle Soffe delves into Mondrian abstract philosophy in the work of fashion desginers Yves Saint Laurent and Bandini

    Interview: Alice McGennis-Destro

    Emmanuelle Soffe talks to L'Oreal fashion journalist and Instagram blogger Alice McGennis-Destro

    Interview with Dian Gomes

    Cherwell Fashion talk to the managing director of Slimline Ltd, Victoria's Secret leading suppliers, on ethical working conditions and body image

    TDS Shoot

    The Design Studio Hawarden come to Oxford to shoot with Cherwell Fashion

    Interview: The Design Studio

    Emmanuelle Soffe talks to designer Lettie Pattinson about the rise of TDS

    The Media And Self-Worth

    Emmanuelle Soffe discusses weight discrimination and the negative effects of the media

    Preview: Oxford Fashion Week

    Emmanuelle Soffe previews the upcoming Oxford Fashion Week 2015

    Airbrushing our art and architecture

    Emmanuelle Soffe on the damaging effects of laser cleaning ancient buildings

    Lily-Rose Depp and childhood fame

    Emmanuelle Soffe discusses society's reluctance to accept teens with successful careers