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    Ellie Siora

    Wavey Garms and stylistic revival

    Ellie Siora discusses the rise of Wavey Garms, Generation Y's go to online retailer

    Art review: Unreported Worlds

    Ellie Siora is confronted by the familiar in the foreign while questioning what it means to be ‘exotic’ at John’s exhibition

    Woody Allen’s Café Society: a satirical love letter to film

    Ellie Siora reviews Allen's latest, and maybe last, film and its success as a social comment

    Five picks for your four final days at the Fringe

    Ellie Siora is here to make sure you get the most out of the scant few days left at the Fringe

    Review: Circleville, Circlevalley

    Ellie Siora reflects on an Edinburgh show packed full of childlike energy

    Film and TV: A summer preview

    Ellie Siora looks to offset the post-term blues through film and TV

    Cinema’s Resurrection?

    Ellie Siora on how innovative screenings must challenge ‘passive’ binge-watch culture, after attending an all-night Wes Anderson marathon

    Dare to be Didcot

    Ellie Soira gives an escapists' guide to dealing with the sometimes difficult nature of Oxford

    Review: Melted Butter

    Ellie Siora warms towards this unapologetically patriotic drama