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Elena Buccisano

Sale of Blackwell’s: The long-term defence against Amazon

"There is a certain joy at browsing the shelves and displays of independent bookstores and reflecting on the individuality of the owners."

How to survive May Day

With the start of a new term, I’d be amazed if you hadn’t yet heard the words ‘May Day’ mentioned or even been asked...

Stepping into the unknown: anxieties about the year abroad

The Year Abroad – exciting and ominous words which all students of Modern Languages are faced with from the moment they begin university. Echoes...

Bilingualism in music: a cure or curse for monolingualism?

"In 2017, two of the most popular singles in America were bilingual: ‘Despacito’ and J Balvin’s club classic ‘Mi Gente’ which gained incendiary power thanks to a Beyoncé cameo. In both cases, the English-speaking singers made notable effort to acknowledge the dominance of Spanish-language pop by singing in Spanish. Indeed, despite the commercial benefits that these artists certainly received perhaps the most important outcome of their success is their cultural impact."

Thoughts on Literary Awards

Literary awards and prizes have been around for centuries, with the first British Award for Literature established in 1919 (The James Tait Black Memorial...

The Most Anticipated Books of 2021

In light of the disaster that was 2020, many of us are looking towards 2021 with hope. Amongst the reasons to be excited about...