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    Daniel Kodsi

    Hi, I am Chairman of OSPL, Cherwell's publishing house. I was editor during Michaelmas 2016. I read Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at Balliol College and can be reached at [email protected].

    The collegiate system is in need of change

    The vice chancellor's proposals to increase Oxford centralisation are both innocuous and sensible, writes Daniel Kodsi

    The Norrington Table serves no meaningful purpose

    Daniel Kodsi argues that the Norrington Table's is too superficial to provide any valuable insight into collegiate disparity in finals

    ‘Baby Driver’ dazzles and thrills

    Daniel Kodsi reviews 'Baby Driver', an action story that packs a musical punch, with a love story at its heart

    Courting Controversy: lives matter more than lies

    Daniel Kodsi argues that there is more to reporting the truth than pointing out every time Donald Trump says something false

    Courting Controversy: against conservative callousness

    In the first of a new blog series, Daniel Kodsi is repulsed by a Trump administration built on hatred

    Oxford students only second most employable in UK

    Oxford three spots below Cambridge in Times Higher Education's 2016 University Employability Report

    Professor Daniel Robinson: Why I’m voting for Trump

    Daniel Kodsi interviews the Oxford philosopher about his support for Donald Trump

    University commemorates 75th anniversary of first use of Penicillin

    The University commemorated the first use of penicillin by Oxford scientists on a human patient earlier this afternoon

    Oxford grant funding falls more than a third

    Oxford remain first for second year running in grant income despite a drop of nearly £40 million in income from the previous year

    Profile: Randall Kennedy

    Daniel Kodsi talks to Harvard Law School professor Randall Kennedy about racial optimism, solidarity, and justice

    Profile: Laurence Tribe

    Daniel Kodsi interviews the constitutional scholar about his constitutional philosophy, equal human dignity, and contemporary politics

    Reflecting on 9/11: a promise

    On the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11, Daniel Kodsi considers how far we've really come

    What can we learn from the Norrington Table?

    Age surpasses wealth and the PPEists struggle, in Cherwell's analysis of this year's Norrington Table.

    NUS to decide Jewish rep without input from Jewish students

    Union of Jewish Students accuse NUS National Executive Council of "complete lack of commitment to Jewish students"