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Cecilia Catmur

Catz-tastrophe: St Catz proposes 11.8% increase in rent

St Catherine’s College has proposed a 11.8% increase in rent and hall prices for the next academic year (2022-3). College accommodation rent would increase...

Bank of America pledges £1.2 million to Oxford for greenhouse gas removal

Oxford University is due to receive £1.2 million from the Bank of America to fund research into greenhouse gas removal and sustainable finance. This...

New research suggests that university reputation could matter less than final grade in determining earnings

"Research by the Institute for Fiscal Studies suggests a first-class degree from a less prestigious university could lead to better earnings than a lower grade from a more competitive one."

Oxford’s twin city in Russia has spoken out in support of Ukraine

This weekend Oxford experienced numerous protests in solidarity with Ukraine against the Russian invasion. Over 4000 km away in Perm, Oxford’s twin city in...

Lord’s Cricket Ground to stop hosting Varsity Match

This year will see the final cricket Varsity competition played at Lord’s Cricket Ground. The first of these games was played in 1827 and has continued since then every year aside from the interruption of World Wars I and II, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Oxford and Southhampton Universities begin search for volunteers for COVID-19 pill trials

Oxford and Southampton universities are looking for volunteers to trial Molnupiravir, a potential treatment for COVID-19. The trial is being led by Oxford’s Nuffield...