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    Brian Wong

    A fee hike for international students is deeply unfair

    Increasing already extortionate fees will make the lives of international students even more difficult.

    Polarising the free speech debate

    The question of who deserves our attention does not allow us easy answers.

    Our toxically Islamophobic culture is to blame for the Christchurch attack

    The shooting in Christchurch is far from an isolated incident, but rather a reflection of broken and bigoted social structures.

    The Spectre of Virtue Signalling

    Brian Wong criticises the use of social justice causes for personal ends

    The Imperative to Resist Injustice

    Brian Wong argues that we all have a responsibility to fight today's social injustices

    The obsession with meritocracy in university admissions is misguided: here’s why

    Universities are more than merely merit-obsessed, mechanical institutions

    Crazy Rich Asians – it’s not just a film

    An exploration of the socio-cultural dialogue sparked by the release of the film Crazy Rich Asians

    Gender pronouns matter, especially at school

    Misgendering isn’t an issue of ‘snowflake culture’ or free speech and should not be treated as such

    The Lola Olufemi ‘scandal’ is dishonest and damaging to BME progress

    Silencing bias does not silence academic freedom, argues Brian Wong

    The freshers’ ‘slave auction’ wasn’t just ill-judged banter. It goes deeper

    Saying "they can't take a joke" suggests that slavery can be a joke

    Not Wong: Banal racism

    Brian Wong decries the casual racism which continues to pervade society

    Not Wong: Dissecting the BNOC phenomenon

    Brian Wong subjects the Oxford BNOC to rigorous analysis

    Not Wong: In defence of lived experiences

    Brian Wong crafts a compelling case for the importance of lived experiences to social justice

    Not Wong: Beyond the social construct

    Brian Wong asks us to embrace the fact that reality is socially constructed