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Biba Jones

The ‘Foxification’ of British news: the impact of new right-wing media in the UK

"Even though the stringent regulation of broadcasting in the UK means that these networks will not be overtly one-sided or spread ‘fake news', they are worrisome. A new fixation on ‘opinionated’ and ‘politicised’ news commentary will feed into ‘bubble culture that isolates viewers in echo chambers." Biba Jones discusses the entrance of GB News and News UK TV into the British media landscape.

Vacant Nuffield College accommodation used to house homeless people

These residents will be housed in Nuffield’s Becket Street for the next two years. The properties, having been empty for 18 months, were revamped and have been designed to provide housing in which residents can have a “sense of ownership”.

Axe-throwing bar to open in Oxford despite safety concerns

Thames Valley Police have also suggested the bar could increase alcohol-related crime and disorder to the area. Inspector James Sullivan asked for the council to turn down the licence application, or to approve firmer safety restrictions on the bar.

What was Pepe doing at the Capitol?

"The Style Guide for the Daily Stormer (a neo-nazi alt-right blog) that was leaked a few years ago offers a painful insight into how the alt-right intentionally blurs humour and hate speech online."