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    Bertie Harrison-Broninski

    Review – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

    The humour, wit and emotional depth contained within the text are lost to the physicality and slapstick

    OCTOPUS – Review

    Is OCTOPUS, like the Sex Pistols are now, “just” uncontroversial protest? Or does it strike deeper than that?

    The Pitt Rivers must face its dark past

    Museum director Dr. Van Broekhoven agrees that a future must be found for the Pitt Rivers' colonial history

    Oxford should not accept billionaires’ vanity projects

    Oxford’s continued acceptance of donations by the super rich like Blavatnik is rotten to the core.

    13 Review – ‘effectively and enjoyably portrays Bartlett’s broken Britain’

    Bertie Harrison-Broninski is impressed by the ambition and scope of this drama of political intrigue and belief

    Summer and Smoke Review – ‘re-staged inventively, but unpretentiously’

    Rebecca Frecknall's musical re-imagining of William's play at the Almeida is dazzling

    The Flick preview – ‘there’s even going to be popcorn’

    Bertie Harrison-Broninski is impressed by this witty and elegiac homage to the silver screen

    Jubilee review – ‘Funny, self-referential, and visually exciting’

    Bertie Harrison-Broninski finds this adaptation of Derek Jarman's original film is a show one that he might be proud of