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Barbara Speed

Sheila Heti keeps it reel

Barbara Speed talks to Sheila Heti about recording her friends for fiction

Preview: Love’s Labour’s Lost, Christ Church Cathedral

Barbara Speed urges you to watch this lighthearted and energetic production of Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost, in an idyllic Oxford setting

After the Revolution

Barbara Speed documents her visit to post-revolutionary Cairo

Acceptable in the 80s

Cherwell Culture invite you to join their tenuous bid for an 80s revival

Leader of the Pack

Barbara Speed talks to Sue Sanders, founder of LGBT History Month

Preview: Chekhov’s Shorts

Barbara Speed is given a tantalising taste of an intriguing production of Chekhov Shorts

First night review: Celebration

Barbara Speed attends a darkly comic gathering

Review: Shame

Barbara Speed explores Steve McQueen's compelling new drama

Enjoying the Best of times

Oxford alumnus Eve Best has achieved success in America yet still retains her love for the UK. She talks to Barbara Speed about Nurse Jackie and performing at the Globe

Faith in Fiction

Barbara Speed interviews new author Prajwal Parajuly

Michaelmas art termcard

Barbara Speed takes you through this term's free exhibitions

A guide to summer reading

Barbara Speed guides new Cherwell readers through that most insurmountable of obstacles - your First Reading List

A Miró on Society

Cherwell reviews the Tate Modern's retrospective on the life and works of Joan Miró

The curious nature of curation

Sue Johnson’s new exhibition of paintings, The Curious Nature of Objects, offers a welcome opportunity for Cherwell to take another look at the Pitt Rivers collection