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Wadham wins national Climate Quiz

Wadham College has been crowned the champion of the National Union of Students’s Feburary Big Climate Quiz. The quiz was part of the sustainability campaigns of the Student Switch Off (SSO) and Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS). 

The competition between colleges and halls of residence placed Wadham first nationally. Liverpool’s Melville Grove Houses and Pershore’s Worcester came in behind in second and third place. No Cambridge college placed in the top ten. 

This is a proud moment for Wadham, as Environment and Ethics (E&E) Officers for the Wadham Student Union (SU), Grace Stephens and Becky Tekleyesus told Cherwell. They were “really proud that Wadham won the national Big Climate Quiz. It shows just how engaged the student body is with climate and sustainability issues.”

Alongside reports of colleges’ general inaction in responding to the urgent state of the climate crisis, Wadham has had continued interest in sustainability. The E&E Officers continued: wWe’ve seen lots of interest in other events during Green Action Week and Fairtrade Fortnight as well! There has also been a clothes swap this term that we hope to make a larger event in coming years. From the college side, Wadham has been working on a sustainability strategy with more ambitious targets and initiatives, with new ideas and progress being discussed in the Sustainability Working Group.”This success is welcomed, but, there is more to do as Wadham’s E&E Officers stated to Cherwell: “the Wadham SU is happy with all strides being taken to improve Wadham’s and the uni’s approach to becoming more sustainable, but we are always pushing for more ambitious action to tackle the severity of this issue.”

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