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BREAKING: Danial Hussain elected SU President

Danial Hussain has been elected as President of the Student Union for the academic year 2023 with 921 votes. 

The results for the remaining five sabbatical positions were as follows:

Rosalie Chapman elected as VP Welfare.

Mia Clement elected as VP Activities and Community.

Kennedy Aliu elected as VP Liberation and Equality.

Nick Harris elected as VP Postgraduate Education and Access.

Jenni Lynam elected as VP Undergraduate Education and Access.

Hussain pledges to reduce disparities between colleges and increase efficiency and transparency of the Oxford Student Union. He also wishes to prioritise welfare, for example by banning the use of NDA’s within colleges or lobbying for a reading week. 

Hussain told Cherwell: “I’m honoured to be elected the Oxford University Student Union President, especially as the first foundation year and Pakistani student to hold the position. I will work tirelessly to ensure that the interests of students are put before all else. I hope to pave the path for future students from disadvantaged backgrounds to be given a voice. I’m grateful for a chance to represent the many, not the few.”

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