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Sonnet for Foxe by Anna Cowan and Ruth Port

Dear Foxe I sing a song of love to you,

Whose shell shines like the half compass of heaven,

My beloved Foxe, take this to be true:

We’ll cheer you through the race so loud it deafens.

Our college mascot, our own strong brave knight,

In plated armour, olive carapace,

A crown of laurel, for winning of all fights,

Ringed in golden light, primed for the race:

He’ll race to victory as if with wings,

Speeding through the grass; a blaze of glory

All other tortoises his praises sing,

And down the ancient ages rings his story.

The vanquished hare weeps in his dark burrow,

As Foxe the Tortoise leads us to tomorrow!

Photo of Foxe by Maeve Ewing.

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