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    Ahmad Nawaz wins Union Presidency, EMPOWER sweeps officerships

    Ahmad Nawaz of the EMPOWER slate has been elected President of the Oxford Union for MT 2022, winning 486 first preferences. Nawaz was the Treasurer of the Oxford Union in Hilary 2022. 

    The three other officerships were won by the following candidates:

    Librarian:  Daniel Dipper (EMPOWER) with 513 votes

    Treasurer:  Josh Chima (EMPOWER) with 468 votes

    Secretary: Anvee Bhutani (EMPOWER) with 443 votes

    The results were a victory for the EMPOWER slate, which was running in a three-way race against the UPLIFT and SPARK slates.

    Those elected to Standing Committee, in descending order, are: 

    Victor Lamotte (SPARK) – 144 first preferences

    Disha Hedge (EMPOWER) – 107 first preferences

    Matthew Dick (SPARK) – 90 first preferences

    Spencer Shia (EMPOWER) – 88 first preferences

    Israr Khan (EMPOWER) – 107 first preferences

    Those elected to Secretary’s Committee, in descending order, are:

    Ruqayya Diwan (EMPOWER), Hannah Edwards (EMPOWER), Lucy Wang (SPARK), Tom Elliot (EMPOWER), Maiya James (EMPOWER), Ayuishi Agarwal (UPLIFT), Rosie Jacobs (SPARK), Dani Yates (EMPOWER), Joe Murray (EMPOWER), Kwabena Osei (CHANGE) and Adya Manoj (SPARK)

    Image Credit: NATO via Flickr.com

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