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Michael-Akolade Ayodeji elected President of the Oxford Union, Connect slate wins all other major positions

Michael-Akolade Ayodeji of the INSPIRE slate has been elected President of the Oxford Union for Trinity 2022, winning 486 first preferences and 52% of the vote. Ayodeji was the Librarian of the Oxford Union in Michaelmas 2021. The results were announced in the early hours of Saturday morning, as a return to physical ballots increased the challenge that the Returning Officers faced. Candidates on the ground told Cherwell that the mood was tense but excited, as they and members prepared to hear the results of the election. 1039 votes were cast, compared to 819 in the online election the term before.

The three other officerships were won by the following candidates:

Librarian: Charlie Mackintosh (CONNECT) with 460 first preferences

Treasurer: Naman Gupta (CONNECT) with 434 first preferences

Secretary: Anjali Ramanathan (CONNECT) with 502 first preferences

The results were a victory for the CONNECT slate, although their presidential candidate Ambika Seghal lost her race. The election itself was a rarity, with the presidency being contested by the librarian in Michaelmas term and a member of the Standing Committee. Anvee Bhutani, president of the Student Union, stood for Secretary’s Committee for Michael-Akolade’s slate.

Those elected to Standing Committee are: 

Jacobus Petersen (CONNECT) with 101 first preferences

Josh Chima with 108 first preferences

Larissa Koerber (CONNECT) with 131 first preferences

Daniel Dipper (INSPIRE) with 133 first preferences

Alex Fish (RESILIENCE) with 209 first preferences

Those elected to Secretary’s Committee, in ascending order, are:

Nicole Reid (CONNECT), Anvee Bhutani (INSPIRE), Matthew Dick (CONNECT), Disha Hegde (INSPIRE), Lukas Seifert (CONNECT), Jana Everett, Alex Garcia (INSPIRE), Victor Lamotte (CONNECT), Emma Zinkin (RESILIENCE), Jenny Grehan-Bradley (RESILIENCE) and Justin Hayto

Image Credit: Nato on flickr.com

This article was corrected at 9:17:58AM, November 27th to reflect that Josh Chima is not a an official member of the INSPIRE slate due to an administrative technicality.

This article was corrected at 18:33:45PM, November 28th to reflect that the Secretary’s Committee members are elected in ascending, not descending, order.

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