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Exeter College first to announce all offer holders will be given a place for 2021 entry

Exeter is the first college to declare that they will be admitting all offer-holders this year, a practice that was used by colleges for 2020 entry. This announcement comes before other colleges have released information on this year’s admissions guidelines. 

In 2020, Exeter had initially announced that it would admit nine more students than its 2019 figures before later confirming that it would admit all UK offer holders. Last year the college had received 667 applications and admitted 104 students.

Exeter shared that they “look forward to welcoming [offer holders] in Michaelmas Term,” with the University stating that it is “delighted to celebrate the success of our offer-holders, whose places gave been confirmed today. Their achievement is all the more impressive this year, and we congratulate them and their teachers, schools and families, after a hugely challenging 18 months.”

Image: David Iliff/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 via flickr.com

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