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University of Oxford takes home ‘Apprenticeship Employer of the Year’ Award

At this year’s Oxfordshire Apprenticeships Awards, the University of Oxford won the ‘Apprenticeship Employer (250+ employees) award’, and two Oxford University apprentices won or were nominated for further special awards.

Apprenticeship Manager Helen Johnson commented: “It was an absolute honour to accept the award for Apprentice Employer of the Year Award (250)+ at OxLEPs Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards last week. This is the first time we have entered the awards and to be shortlisted as a finalist was on its own a great achievement.” 

Lab scientist apprentice Emilia Reyes Pabon won the ‘Advanced Apprentice of the Year’ award and the ‘Overall Apprentice of the Year’ award. She said: “it feels great that my work as an apprentice has been recognised. I still can’t believe that I was selected for the Advanced Apprentice award AND the Overall Apprentice of the Year award!”. Administration apprentice in the finance division Ellie Knight was shortlisted in the ‘Shining Star’ Apprentice award. She said: “It felt amazing to have been shortlisted and to have been recognised for my work. I recognise how great of an achievement it was to be a finalist and how proud it has made me feel.”

The University is the biggest apprentice-employer in the county, and offers a diverse range of apprenticeships in various departments, such as Clinical Trial Support Officer Apprentice, Apprentice Mechanical Technician, or Digital Marketing Apprentice

Apprentices earn a wage while they work, which depends on the level of qualification, although the University guarantees to always pay a living wage. Apprentices achieve an accredited qualification and often gain many practical and experiential skills during their apprenticeship. Apprenticeships can last from one up to four years, and come in three different qualifications: intermediate: level 2 (GCSE A-C passes), Advanced: Level 3 (A-Level passes) and Higher: Level 4-7 (Certificate of Higher Education through to Masters Degree).

Image credit: Green Chameleon on Unsplash

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