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Microsoft Power Apps popular in Oxford

Matt Schaffel reports on the popularity of ‘power apps’ in Oxford.

The University is now one of the biggest users of ‘Power Apps’ in the UK. The apps, designed by Microsoft, can be crafted into a vast array of different functions. The University has been using them in various tasks across the institution.  

The apps are regarded as being simple and easy to use, while still encompassing an array of capabilities. For example, at Oxford, they have been used to handle course fees, funding applications, assigning colleges, ID cards and email accounts to new students, and childcare services and travel insurance for staff. 

Matthew Castle, head of application platforms in central IT Services at the University, said to Microsoft News: “If we didn’t have the Power Platform or Microsoft 365, we would be in a very challenging situation. We would be looking to next year and trying to figure out how we going to interview 25,000 students and help them prepare for life at our university. It’s a lot of work that’s made easier by using Power Apps to automate many of the manual and repetitive tasks that our staff have to do. This frees up time that our staff can use to focus on more pressing matters.”

Chris Rothwell, Director of Education at Microsoft UK, told Microsoft News: “Power Apps is putting organisations in control of their data. The Power Platform tools are perfect for any team that wants to increase agility, solve problems and improve how they work. I am inspired by how the University of Oxford is using this technology.”

Image Credit to: ijmaki/pixabay.com

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