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Sunday, July 3, 2022

All dressed up with nowhere to go

Nina Follows makes a case for lockdown dress-up glam.

From actually changing out of our pyjamas before getting back into bed again at night, to parading our best black-tie around the aisles of our local Tesco, the pandemic has cultivated an array of new approaches to what might be considered getting ‘dressed up’.

A month into Lockdown #3, however, with arguably very little else on the horizon, a bit of time spent curating and frolicking in a fun ‘fit could foster some otherwise-neglected artistic flair; a small semblance of sophistication or put-together past normality; or even just some valuable moments of mindless distraction.

I’m not suggesting that we need to don full-on party garb for Panopto, or head-to-toe taffeta for Teams (though should you feel that way inclined, be my guest by all means!), but dabbling in some indulgent dressing might just be a unmatchable minimal-effort way to restore a pinch of glam and spice to our perhaps otherwise mildly lacklustre lives.

So go on – cast those sorry sweatpants aside, turn on some trouble-free tunes, and delve into the dusty depths of your ‘drobe to discover what joys might there await…

…even if it is just to get right back into bed again.

Model: Annabel Follows

Photographer: Nina Follows

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