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    Amy Evans makes us think about what we remember in this elegant poem.

    I see 

    myself, smiling on a summer’s day, 

    watching the sunset,

    shapes sketched on car windows,

    days so cold my breath fogs up the glass,

    a cherished photo in a family album,

    my room, the city lights, constellations:

    stars on sleepless nights.

    I hear

    a song that plays on a loop:

    snippets of shared secrets, 

    tied to a half forgotten memory,

    a piece played shyly on a piano, 

    hushed conversations 


    I cling

    to the past,

    but a dream cannot be caged.

    half of me knows this –

    the rest retreats

    to hide in a place it thinks it knows: 

    travelling endlessly in dreams,

    chasing fading memories.

    Artwork by Amir Pichhadze.

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