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The Lord is a Warrior

The tumultuous, warring sea reflects the speaker's apprehension in this masterful poem by Tom McGrath.

A beating wall on left and right, 

Of bitter water fixed up high,

White foam blocked all from sight, 

Except the outstretched hand of

Their prophet, the Israelite.

For Pharaoh’s honour swiftly rode 

My husband to this strangest war,

Who by unnatural cause became

Consumed and flayed alive ‘till raw.

God has sent His mighty strength, 

And crushes soldiers left and right, 

Red blood flows all the Red Sea’s length – 

My husband flows. Sleep tight, sleep tight. 

Now, God’s people are soon to flee, 

Into the wilderness and coarser sands 

He takes them, they at last are free,

But I, loyal servant, loving wife,

What is God’s plan for me?

Artwork by Anja Segmuller.

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