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Mansfield displays anti-Brexit menu

Mansfield College had a topical Brexit themed menu for lunch on the day the UK left the EU.

Entitled “We didn’t vote for it lunch”, the menu prefaced every menu item with a pro-EU comment.

The main courses included highlights such as “Where’s David Cameron now?… Squash and mixed bean casserole” and “Russia’s manipulation of Facebook data… Salted beef on bagels.”

The sides continued the theme, offering “Human rights… peas” and “Free movement of people… mushy peas.”

The menu was picked up by a journalist from The Spectator, who wrote “perhaps unsurprisingly, Britain’s departure from the EU isn’t going down well in Oxford.”

The menu is one of many examples of Oxford’s dismay at leaving the EU.

The Vice Chancellor of Oxford sent an email to all students on the day the UK left the EU saying: “Many of us hoped this day would never come but the majority of those who voted in the 2016 Referendum felt otherwise.

“We now have no choice but to make the best of the situation in which we find ourselves.

“It is, perhaps, worth remembering that this University thrived long before we joined the EU and we will continue to thrive after our departure, however reluctantly we leave.”

A candlelit vigil was held in the city centre to say goodbye to the EU on Brexit Day.

In the 2016 referendum, Oxford voted to remain by 70%.

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