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Union President withdraws charge of violent misconduct against Ebenezer Azamati

Brendan McGrath has withdrawn his charge of violent misconduct against Ebenezer Azamati, who was expelled from the Union chamber during a debate last month.

McGrath apologized “unreservedly for the distress and any reputational damage which the publication of the charge may have caused him”.

In a statement, the Oxford University Africa Society, who organised a protest against the Union’s treatment of Azamati on Friday, said: “The Oxford Union Africa Society expresses its profound gratitude to everyone in Oxford and beyond, who has expressed solidarity – including through the Friday evening protest action – to expose the Union’s injustice and do the right thing. Together, we did it! Mr Azamati is also deeply grateful for the immense outpouring of love and support from within Oxford and all over the world.

“While we are pleased with this development, we would like to reiterate that this issue is not settled as our demands are yet to be fully met. These include:

  • A public apology from the Oxford Union and its President, Brendan McGrath
  • An official confirmation that Mr Azamati’s Union membership has been reinstated
  • A public announcement by the Oxford Union on the apporpriate disciplinary process and punishment to be meted out to its staff, the security guard, who assaulted Mr Azamati
  • Details on how the Oxford Union intends to compensate Mr Azamati.”

The statement also repeated calls for the resignation of Brendan McGrath.

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