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    Oxford University leads network to combat global warming with AI

    The European Commission has announced the funding of a new Innovative Training Network, which will train PhD students in Machine Learning Skills to address Climate Change.

    The network, known as iMIRACLI, will bring together leading climate and machine learning scientists across Europe with partners, such as Amazon and the MetOffice, to educate a new generation of climate data scientists.

    The project will start in 2020 at a summer school held in Oxford, funding 15 PhD students across Europe.

    Each student will have a climate science and a machine learning supervisor as well as an industrial advisor.

    Machine Learning, underpinned by AI, has advanced rapidly in recent years and offers new tools to study, analyse and learn from the mass of data being collected by Earth Observations.

    While there is a general acceptance that Climate Change is influenced by human activity, many aspects of climate change are still not fully understood. This is largely due to the uncertain role of clouds in the climate system.

    It is this understanding of the role of clouds for climate change that the association of nine Universities will focus on with a pioneering programme of study.

    Philip Stier, Professor of Atmospheric Physics at Oxford University, is the lead PI for the project.

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