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Cherpse! Sofia and Maxim

"you might have a white coat, but I have scholars’ gown".

Maxim, 3rd Year, History and Politics, Trinity

Now that I’m allegedly a finalist, you’d think blind dates are off the cards. Of course, you’d be wrong. There’s something quite giddying about venturing off to Turf the night before exams, but so it was with my date with Sofia… I’ll take escapism in whatever form I can.

What was your first impression?

When Sofia told me she was a scientist expectations were low as far as conversation was concerned, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Quality of the chat out of ten?

Chat gets a 6.4 – a 7 is out of reach as she is from Cambridge.

How did the date meet up with your expectations?

The piquancy of my drink was complemented by the punchy nature of her chat. As a medic, her concern for the health of my degree amused me greatly.

Most awkward moment?

Sofia informed me she was basic, unironically. I suppose such assertions are the epitome of basicness.

Kiss or miss?

Second date? Sign me up!

Sofia, 1st Year, Medicine, Hertford

I arrived at Turf Tavern ready to find the man of my dreams (spoiler alert: he wasn’t). He assumed I would have bad chat as I’m a medic, and he let me know that. He then told me he was on University Challenge (impressive – I felt like I’d met a celebrity). Turns out he got knocked out in the second round (less impressive). But then we hit the political roadblock. Rees-Mogg is his idol… a tad awkward. However, he is a lovely boy and I hope his final the next day went well!

What was your first impression?

He also looked a bit like a young ginger Steve Jobs.

Quality of the chat out of ten?

4/10 – lot of politics chat.

How did the date meet up with your expectations for it?

I was really excited, but ended up feeling a little like I was on University Challenge myself. He is, however, the meme king.

Most awkward moment?

I have two to choose from: “I promise you I’m edgy because I voted Brexit for the bantz” and “you might have a white coat, but I have a scholars’ gown”.

Kiss or miss?

Think I might have to take a miss.

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