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Ballroom Brutalism

Fashion at the boundaries of formality

Models left to right: Joe Cresswell, Toyin Ihinmikalu, Lily Parmar, Kate Whittington, Rebecca Wright, Cyara Chaska Wilsenach, Katy Jenkinson

So often images of Oxford balls focus on the perfectly dressed
against the backdrop of an ancient college. We wanted to subvert
this and show another side of an Oxford ball. We juxtaposed
beautiful, feminine dresses (and a jumpsuit) with gritty, brutalist architecture.

Our models were largely bare-faced, save
for a slick of vibrant, metallic lipstick that goes against the
grain of a typically elegant ball image.

We swapped stilettos for chunky Doc Martens, the shapes of
which echo the brutalist backgrounds of the photos but contrast
the silky, slinky clothes our models wear.

Photography: Sarah Williams

Styling: Sarah Williams and Sophie Kilminster

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